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Beijing Asia hon century technology development co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the company's company) is a focus on Internet space data management, network and information security, and value-added solutions and service of high-tech companies, the company formerly known as Beijing century communication technology co., LTD. (founded in 2001). In the year to March 2018, the hon company employees nearly 400 people, we have r&d center in shenzhen and wuhan, more than 65% of a company's total number of the technicians, employees and 80% for at least a bachelor's degree in business more than 30 provinces and cities throughout the country, to provide professional and efficient service to our customers.In 2015, Beijing hong century Technology development Co., Ltd and Surfilter Network Technology Co., ltd. integrating operators division, and committed to the national spatial data management and Internet Network and information security construction work. On July 20, 20…MORE
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